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DUI Defense Lawyer in Boca Raton

When charged with dui defense matters in near Boca Raton, determining the next steps can be difficult and intimidating. At Perettine Law, we know the best ways to avoid  consequences produced by these situations, and we will aggressively fight the dui defense legal charges held against you.

Here at Perettine Law, we are never more than a phone call away from our Boca Raton area clients. Our many years of practicing criminal defense for cases and clients throughout our Boca Raton community has taught us the best courses of action in these situations. You, the client, are in charge of making the decisions about your dui defense case, but the legal team of Perettine Law is here to offer experienced guidance.

With many years of working in the Boca Raton area, Perettine Law has become a force with which to be reckoned in the local criminal justice community. We make sure that our clients do not go into their dui defense case unprepared, always ensuring they are well equipped to understand everything that is happening.

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Let us at Perettine Law be your guides during your dui defense case. We know this is a difficult time for you, so we invite you to call us at (561) 368-6042 and have a private one-on-one discreet conversation where we can discuss your case in Boca Raton. 

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