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When your future is placed in jeopardy by some dui defense situation, you need to rely on the knowledgeable and professional experience of a lawyer in whom you can confide. At Perettine Law, our many years of representing clients in the Boca Raton speaks for itself.

What sets our dui defense representation apart from the herd is our talented ability to efficiently negotiate deals with Boca Raton area prosecutors. At Perettine Law, our savvy dui defense approach chips away at the case of the Boca Raton prosecution; finding their weaknesses can leave the courts open to dropping or reducing your criminal charges and recommending a lighter sentence.

When your freedom is threatened by dui defense charges, you could be facing a lot of challenges. For many in the Boca Raton area, such stress and uncertainty can seem unbearable. We at Perettine Law work hard to provide passionate legal counsel, assuring our clients of our abilities while diligently defending them. We will guide you through the legal process of your dui defense issue and strive to help you resolve it. 

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