Boca Raton, Florida: Legal Services Since 1985

Our criminal defense and family law clients often come to us worried about their futures. At the Law Offices of Peter Perettine,we listen to your concerns and then provide knowledgeable legal advice and effective help during deeply distressing times.

A Legal Practice Devoted to Litigation

Our Boca Raton, Florida, law firm is almost 100% devoted to litigation. We are known for our dedication to your best interests; this dedication often means that we take a case to trial if a reasonable settlement or plea negotiation cannot be reached.

Over the course of attorney Peter Perettine’s 25-year legal practice, he has won a positive reputation as a lawyer who is not afraid to take a case to trial. Mr. Perettine’s experience and success in the courtroom also benefits his clients with cases that are likely to settle or end in a plea bargain. This is possible because other attorneys know that he is not likely to accept an unreasonable settlement or plea bargain just to avoid a trial.

Our Practice Areas

Our legal practice focuses on family law and criminal defense. We also handle some personal injury lawsuits on behalf of injury victims, and we have several regular business clients who turn to us to handle their commercial collections lawsuits.

In our criminal defense practice, we defend clients against both simple and serious charges, including misdemeanors and felonies like DUI/DWI, drug-related offenses (including possession, sale and trafficking) and domestic violence defense. We also handle probation violations and record sealing/expungement, at the conclusion of your case.

Our family law practice skillfully handles contested divorces. If you fear that your spouse will make the divorce difficult, it may be best to retain an experienced trial attorney from the very beginning – if there is a high likelihood that your divorce may end up in court. We also have a record of success

“I will guide you through the court procedures, explain the available choices and give you my best advice … and then I will fight vigorously for the best possible result.”

– Attorney Peter Perettine