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You may have heard that conviction on a first or second DUI or DWI offense doesn’t usually carry a jail sentence. This may be true – in many cases – but a first-time DUI or DWI conviction still carries serious penalties.

On a first DUI or DWI offense, the penalties include:

  • Minimum $500 fine
  • About $300 in court costs (excluding attorney’s fees)
  • Order to attend 12-24 hours of DUI Traffic school
  • Minimum six months’ probation
  • 50 hours of community service
  • Your car will be impounded for a period of time
  • Minimum six months’ driver’s license suspension
  • Significant costs for high-risk insurance
  • If this is your second or third DUI or DWI offense, the penalties upon conviction will only be more
    serious, including potential jail time.

An experienced DUI/DWI defense lawyer can help minimize these penalties by investigating your case, negotiating a plea-bargain with the state attorney’s office, or by taking your case to trial and seeking a not-guilty verdict.

Losing Your Driver’s License after a DUI or DWI Arrest

For many of our clients, the most important question after a DUI or DWI arrest is, “How can I keep my driver’s license?” Your driver’s license will be suspended at the time of the arrest, and you will be given a ten-day temporary driving permit. A formal legal proceeding is required to fight the suspension and get your license back. This legal proceeding is separate from the criminal case against you. You should call a defense lawyer immediately after a drunk driving arrest. You must request a hearing to get your driver’s license back within ten days of the arrest. Otherwise, you may lose the right to get your driver’s license back for at least 12 months.

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